Keyword Research Services: 8 Free Tools to Use in 2021

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is essential for every marketer planning to run a campaign. Without doing research, it isn’t possible to reach out and capture attention with the content you’re going to make. You need to know what people are into at the moment and their needs so you can provide a better solution to help them live a better life. 

Good quality keywords are crucial for you to maintain visitors to your blog and your website traffic. Once people associate your business with a certain keyword, it would be much easier for you to keep a large audience in the long run. 

For example, if you want to make content about customer service, make sure that your keywords have included the needed phrases in order to appeal to your audience. When you match your content with a related phrase, the Google search engine will sort it then place your content on top of SERPs. 

Although there are tons of paid keyword research tools on the internet, you can always use the free one when you have little to no budget for this strategy. So, here are some popular keyword research services you can use for free.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a website provided by Google that examines the demand for top search keywords in Google Search in every region and language. The numbers and statistics are presented in real-time graphs to help you find the most search phrase around your location and its search volume.

With Google Trends, you can get real-time insights into what people are searching for when they’re excited about something or extremely passionate about an issue in their community. 

You can also control your geographic priorities so that you’re targeting the regions and languages that are most relevant to your business. With the insights from regional analysis, you’ll be able to update and improve your marketing strategies across different verticals by trending topics of relevance.

2. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a search engine service that provides both search keyword suggestions and aggregate data from previous searches. Not only does the free tool allow users to use Google Search without having to type in their own question, but it also successfully tells them what most other people across the web are searching for on Google! 

It will also provide links to find more information, if applicable, as well as related questions concerning the user’s query. Answer The Public’s clever search cloud helps marketers get their message out to the world in one image.

3. SEMrush

The SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool is one of the most popular keyword research services on the market. It enables you to analyze your competitors’ data and find what keywords they are ranking best for, how competitive their rankings are, which search queries drive traffic to them, and how much traffic each query generates for the site. The tool is just about everything you need in order to nail a Google search optimization campaign.

Before you begin a search for your next campaign, make sure to grab the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. The tool will provide detailed information on keywords and their links so that you don’t miss out. Keep in mind that it’s only possible to perform ten requests per day for free accounts. For serious marketers looking for the edge on keywords and link building strategies, upgrading the account will be much more efficient.

4. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is one of the most advanced keyword search software in the world. It unlocks the searching power of five different expansive keyword database databases, including Google’s Autocomplete, YouTube autofill, Amazon product searches, Walmart’s Search field input widget, and Bing’s powered Search Results. 

The tool unlocks the enormous information and power hidden in search engine autocomplete databases. It’s not just about your competitors, but it’s also about your customers. Keyword Tool Dominator will show you the real people who are actually using it in their searches, giving unparalleled insight into what they’re looking for to make purchasing decisions. 

5. Also Asked

Also Asked is a tool to help marketers learn how people’s questions are grouped based on a certain topic. These questions will help them find essential keywords and related phrases for their following campaign.

This tool allows you to find out what people want and need, learn about new developments in the industry, and understand gaps in marketing efforts. Also Asked helps marketers get more insights from visitors by understanding their needs through question data that is sometimes hidden.

6. QuestionDB

QuestionDB is a powerful keyword tool that lets you explore what people are asking Google about their needs. It’s easy to use and time-effective because you can figure out typical long-tail keywords by entering your idea on the search box. 

QuestionDB has a variety of forums for every aspect of marketing in order to help you get answers from specialists who can help point out any problem spots that need fixing right away. The best part about QuestionDB is that you can find out various people’s questions around the world just by entering your queries on this platform. 

7. Google Keyword Planner: A Trusted Keyword Research Service

Google Keyword Planner is created to help marketers research the right keyword to include in their campaigns effectively. Unlike Google Trends, this keyword planner allows you to not only collect valuable keyword phrases but helps you discover keywords related to your business and see the estimated monthly searches they receive as well as the costs to target them. 

It is a free tool that helps to analyze keywords in order to create long-term, effective campaigns for online advertising. With this tool, you’ll know that potential customers may be searching for keywords related to your company but are currently presented with sponsored ads from your competitors. 

8. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free SEO keyword extension that integrates relevant keyword metrics into Google, which allows you to see things like search volume and competition for each word up to five times per page. It’s an excellent way to do some research before deciding what keywords or phrases will be best for your business.

With this tool, you can find important and useful phrases that help you make marketing campaigns in the future. Unlike other tools on this list, you don’t need to always check the software whenever you want to research for keywords. You only need to download the extension, and voila! It’s done.

Final Thoughts on Best Keyword Research Services

Many marketers have used these eight keyword research tools effectively. The tools provide similar results for when you opt for paid keyword research services. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they are not great enough for your marketing campaign. These free tools are best if you’re still new to marketing, as they can help you find the right yet relevant phrase you can use for social media campaigns. 


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